Friday, September 2, 2011

Lessee Information Statement under RR No. 12-2011

Revenue Regulations No. 12-2011 dated July 25, 2011 entitled "Reportorial Requirements for Establishments Leasing or Renting Out Spaces for Commercial Activities" now requires a new reportorial requirement for lessors of commercial spaces.

All owners, or sub-lessors of commercial establishments/buildings/spaces to ensure that persons intending to lease is a BIR- registered taxpayer with tax identification number (TIN), BIR Certificate of Registration (COR), and duly registered official receipts or invoices.

Every 31st day of January and 31st day of July of the year, they are required to submit the following information, under oath, in hard and soft copies to the Revenue District Office (RDO) where the commercial establishment/building/space is located:

  1. Building/space layout of the entire area being leased with proper unit/space address or reference;
  2. Certified True Contract or Contract of Lease per tenant; and,
  3. Lease Information System (LIS) in prescribed format (Printed copy and excel format in CD-R for softcopy)
The first filing of tenants profile as of July 31, 2011 through the LIS shall be on or before November 2, 2011 (As amended by Revenue Regulations No. 15-2011). Failure to submit is subject to penalties.


Revenue Regulations No. 12-2011 dated July 25, 2011

Revenue Regulations No. 15-2011 dated August 26, 2011

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Cherry Ann Sarmiento said...

We will be submitting our List of Tenants this July and I would like to ask if it is still required to submit the space layout and contract of lease during subsequent filing.

philtaxation said...

I think there is no need, but just to make sure, I suggest you check with the BIR office for confirmation. Thanks.

lovingnikki said...

If you are a lessee of a small store, and stated on the contract that the lessor is subject to tax, Am I still liable to pay for taxes?

jane bantaran said...

does this rr apply to lessors of land only? does the term "spaces" include lands? please reply asap. thank u very much

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