Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Income Taxation of Individuals - Powerpoint

Do you wish to learn how an natural person is being taxed on its income? Well, take time and relax while self-learning on the powerpoint presentations for individual income taxation and answer the following basic questions:

a. How are individual income tax differs from corporate income tax?
b. How are individual taxpayers classified for income tax purposes?
c. What income tax types applies to particular taxable income?

Find out the answers in the following powerpoint presentation.

For more free powerpoint presentations, please CLICK HERE!

"Taxes affect lives, care for taxes and save lives"


Business Insolvency said...

On the other hand, another person earning income buys property, he will be subjected to taxation. Is this not absurd and unjustifiable that a person, earning large income is exempted from taxes and another person with small income is taxed?

business liquidation

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